Our Food

A sneak peek of our food from the kitchen.

Our chef loves to offer the freshest seafood with the highlights of seasonal ingredients.
Here are some of our classic New American and New Orleans favorites.


Lots of #rice & #chorizo. #Eggs overgumbo: Yumbo.

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Знакомьтесь. Лобстер, просто лобстер и никаких вам, ребята, кулинарных шедевров! 😭😭😭 суши, лобстеры, лобстеры, суши, чередование этих двух океанических деликатесов, спасает от осенней хандры, дождя, снега, урагана, толстой попы и другой гадости ❤️😭// Let me introduce this guy. Lobster, just lobster! 😝 There are no molecular gastronomy or special chef's tricks. Sushi 🍣, lobster, ❤️lobster, sushi. I can eat these two simple things and never get angry! 👋🏻😏 #nycfood #lobstering #ньюйорк #nycliving #nyclife

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Heading to @cajunsea to do their $1 oyster happy hour. Monday is looking up. 😎

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